Unitized Bolt Mounts

Our unitized bolt mounts (bushings) are widely used to isolate structure-borne noise and vibration in engines, compressors, pumps, and HVAC units. They’re made of natural rubber with a tubular-rolled steel spacer. Our tandem bolt mounts are suitable for loads of 150 to 900 lbf, and the solo mounts are suitable for loads of 60 to 900 lbf.

Selection and Mounting

When selecting a mount, calculate the static load and select a bolt mount of equal or greater capacity. For dynamic loads greater than 3X static load, select the next larger size mount. During installation, lubricate the mount and socket with a rubber lubricant or water. Insert into socket, hand rotate with axial force. If necessary, use a driving bolt, be sure that the driving bolt does not overhang the steel spacer O.D. It is recommended that a cinch washer be used when mounting. See image below.

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