Silicone Foam & Gel

Silicone gel vibration dampers, tapes, and chips are unparallel as shock absorbers due to their exceptional softness and distinctive molecular structure. Silicone gel outperforms traditional rubber dampers thanks to its remarkable vibration dampening capabilities and extremely pliable physical characteristics, absorbing vibrations at low frequencies. Its durability, safety, and heat resistance (-40°F to +392°F) make it an ideal shock absorption solution for high-precision, sensitive components such as computer fans, electronics, and robotics. Our double-studded and flanged silicone gel vibration dampers are offered in both inch and metric sizes and accommodate small to intermediate compression loads.

Silicone tape and chips have an adhesive agent on one side; they offer high weather and chemical resistance. Our silicone sheets, along with our tapes and chips, can be cut into smaller pieces. The sheets are easy to use; just place the sheet under the component that needs isolation. You can also add more sheets to isolate a larger vibration and reduce noise. Our silicone gel sheets are ozone, UV, and chemical resistant and have a low resonance magnification.

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