Metal Timing Belt Clamp Hardware Kit

Hardware for kit includes: Screws, washers and hex nuts for assembly.

For replacement hardware kit, order:
XL 1/5 inch pitch • A16A 3-BOLTKIT 
L 3/8 inch pitch • A16A 4-BOLTKIT 
GT®2 2 mm pitch • A16A51MBOLTKIT 
GT®2 3 mm pitch • A16A53MBOLTKIT 
AT 5 mm pitch • A16A45MBOLTKIT  
AT 10 mm pitch • A16A49MBOLTKIT
T 5 mm pitch • A16A35MBOLTKIT  
T 10 mm pitch • A16A39MBOLTKIT

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Product NameCatalog PDFClamp MaterialClamp NumberClamp PitchStockPriceQtyAdd to Cart
A16A25MBOLTKIT 79501034.pdfAluminumA16A25M095 mm (HTD) mm Call Us
A16A28MBOLTKIT 79501034.pdfAluminumA16A25M208 mm (HTD) mm Call Us
A16A35MBOLTKIT 79501038.pdfAluminumA16A35M06T5 mm Call Us
A16A39MBOLTKIT 79501038.pdfAluminumA16A39M16T10 mm Call Us
A16A45MBOLTKIT 79501037.pdfAluminumA16A45M10AT5 mm Call Us
A16A49MBOLTKIT 79501037.pdfAluminumA16A49M16AT10 mm Call Us
A16A51MBOLTKIT 79501035.pdfAluminumA16A51M06GT2 (2 mm) mm Call Us
A16A53MBOLTKIT 79501035.pdfAluminumA16A53M06GT2 (3 mm) mm Call Us
A16A55MBOLTKIT 79501036.pdfAluminumA16A55M09GT2 (5 mm) mm Call Us
A16A58MBOLTKIT 79501036.pdfAluminumA16A58M30GT2 (8 mm) mm Call Us

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