Sonic Tension Meter (Tester)

Model 550C
Includes Flexible Sensor (shown above)



  • Suitable for multi-ribbed belts, V-belts and synchronous belts.
  • Output reading measurable in hertz, pounds, kilograms and newtons.
  • Frequency range from 10-5000 hertz. Measured accuracy: ± 1%.
  • Variable frequency range filters.
  • Auto gain control automatically adjusts meter sensitivity.
  • NEW OLED screen backlight.
  • 40 memory registers for belt constants. 

Testing tension with a spring tester requires muscle, a piece of string and at least three hands! The Sonic Tension Meter works on the theory that belts, like strings, vibrate at a particular natural frequency based on mass and span length. The meter converts this frequency into a measurement of tension.

To test tension:
1. Enter belt mass constant, belt width & span length into meter.
2. Hold meter to belt span, then strum belt to make it vibrate. The meter will measure the vibration and converts into belt tension.

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