Flat Belt Pulleys


Pulley - Polycarbonate, Fiberglass Reinforced
Insert - Aluminum, Knurled - Clear Anodized or Brass, Knurled

Pulleys with nonstandard diameters or of special design are available custom-made to your drawings.


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Product NameCatalog PDFBore SizeHub Dia.Hub ProjectionInsert ConfigurationInsert MaterialOutside DiameterPulley MaterialStockPriceQtyAdd to Cart
A 6T19-132506 81002267.pdf0.18750.5 Inch0.25 Inch"T" InsertAluminum Alloy0.512Polycarbonate 3
A 6T19-132508 81002267.pdf0.250.5 Inch0.25 Inch"T" InsertAluminum Alloy0.512Polycarbonate 39
A 6T19-152506 81002267.pdf0.18750.5 Inch0.25 Inch"T" InsertAluminum Alloy0.591Polycarbonate 20
A 6T19-152508 81002267.pdf0.250.5 Inch0.25 Inch"T" InsertAluminum Alloy0.591Polycarbonate 37
A 6T19-172506 81002267.pdf0.18750.5 Inch0.25 Inch"T" InsertAluminum Alloy0.669Polycarbonate Call Us
A 6T19-172508 81002267.pdf0.250.5 Inch0.25 Inch"T" InsertAluminum Alloy0.669Polycarbonate 9
A 6T19-182506 81002267.pdf0.18750.5 Inch0.25 Inch"T" InsertAluminum Alloy0.709Polycarbonate Call Us
A 6T19-182508 81002267.pdf0.250.5 Inch0.25 Inch"T" InsertAluminum Alloy0.709Polycarbonate Call Us
A 6T19-202506 81002267.pdf0.18750.5 Inch0.25 Inch"T" InsertAluminum Alloy0.787Polycarbonate Call Us
A 6T19-202508 81002267.pdf0.250.5 Inch0.25 Inch"T" InsertAluminum Alloy0.787Polycarbonate 19
A 6T19-232506 81002267.pdf0.18750.688 Inch0.25 InchStraightBrass0.906Polycarbonate Call Us
A 6T19-232508 81002267.pdf0.250.688 Inch0.25 InchStraightBrass0.906Polycarbonate 2
A 6T19-242506 81002267.pdf0.18750.688 Inch0.25 InchStraightBrass0.945Polycarbonate Call Us
A 6T19-242508 81002267.pdf0.250.688 Inch0.25 InchStraightBrass0.945Polycarbonate Call Us
A 6T19-262506 81002267.pdf0.18750.688 Inch0.25 InchStraightBrass1.024Polycarbonate 16
A 6T19-262508 81002267.pdf0.250.688 Inch0.25 InchStraightBrass1.024Polycarbonate Call Us
A 6T19-282506 81002267.pdf0.18750.688 Inch0.25 InchStraightBrass1.102Polycarbonate Call Us
A 6T19-282508 81002267.pdf0.250.688 Inch0.25 InchStraightBrass1.102Polycarbonate 29
A 6T19-362506 81002267.pdf0.18750.688 Inch0.25 InchStraightBrass1.417Polycarbonate 17
A 6T19-362508 81002267.pdf0.250.688 Inch0.25 InchStraightBrass1.417Polycarbonate 13
A 6T19-392506 81002267.pdf0.18750.688 Inch0.25 InchStraightBrass1.535Polycarbonate 29
A 6T19-392508 81002267.pdf0.250.688 Inch0.25 InchStraightBrass1.535Polycarbonate 29
A 6T19-442506 81002267.pdf0.18750.688 Inch0.25 InchStraightBrass1.732Polycarbonate 46
A 6T19-442508 81002267.pdf0.250.688 Inch0.25 InchStraightBrass1.732Polycarbonate Call Us
A 6T19-492506 81002267.pdf0.18750.688 Inch0.25 InchStraightBrass1.929Polycarbonate Call Us

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