Idler Pulleys with Bearings


Sprocket: Stainless Steel
Needle Type

Fig. 1.  Timing Pulleys 1/5 Pitch and 3 & 5 mm Pitch HTD®
Fig. 2.  "V" Belts 3/8 & 1/2 Wide
Fig. 3.  Flat Belts
Fig. 4.  Sprockets .1475 & .250 Pitch

NOTE: These idlers can be used with drive tighteners or with shafts having a surface hardness of Rc 58 minimum.

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Product NameCatalog PDFBearing TypeBelt SizeBoreComponent TypeHub ProjectionMaterialNo. Of TeethOutside DiameterOverall LengthPitchStockPriceQtyAdd to Cart
A 6Z 9-008283H 79002254.pdfNeedle TypeN/A0.25 InchTiming PulleysN/ACarbon Steel281.023 Inch0.53mm (HTD) 59
A 6Z 9-008HN14 79002254.pdfNeedle TypeN/A0.25 InchSprockets0.3125Carbon Steel160.808 Inch0.3440.1475 93
A 6Z 9-016225H 79002254.pdfNeedle TypeN/A0.5 InchTiming PulleysN/ACarbon Steel221.334 Inch0.755mm (HTD) 51
A 6Z 9-01622XL 79002254.pdfNeedle TypeN/A0.5 InchTiming PulleysN/ACarbon Steel221.381 Inch0.750.2 21
A 6Z 9-016HN25 79002254.pdfNeedle TypeN/A0.5 InchSprockets0.641Carbon Steel191.65 Inch0.750.25 4
A 6Z 9-016NAK25 79002254.pdfNeedle Type0.50.5 InchV-Belts0.25Carbon SteelN/A2.5 Inch0.906N/A Call Us
A 6Z 9-016NAK30 79002254.pdfNeedle Type0.50.5 InchV-Belts0.25Carbon SteelN/A3.05 Inch0.906N/A Call Us
A 6Z 9-016NID 79002254.pdfNeedle Type0.50.5 InchFlat Belts0.125Carbon SteelN/A1.75 Inch0.875N/A 3
A 6Z 9-016NOK17 79002254.pdfNeedle Type0.3750.5 InchV-Belts0.25Carbon SteelN/A1.92 Inch0.75N/A 87

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