Grooved Idlers


MATERIAL: Pulley - Nylon Bearing - Steel, Ball - Precision Machined

MATERIAL: Pulley - Steel, Case-Hardened Races,
Machined Raceways Bearing - Steel, Ball - Precision Finish - Zinc Plated


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Product NameCatalog PDFBore ConfigurationBore SizeBottom DiameterDuty TypeFace WidthGroove RadiusMaterialMax. Cable Dia. (Inch)Outside DiameterStockPriceQtyAdd to Cart
A 6C 9-00804 81002260.pdfBall - Precision0.125 Inch0.375 InchHeavy - hardened Raceway0.156 Inch0.025Steel0.047 Inch0.5 Inch 59
A 6C 9-01606 81002260.pdfBall - Precision0.1875 Inch0.75 InchHeavy - hardened Raceway0.3125 Inch0.062Steel0.125 Inch1 Inch Call Us
A 6C 9-01706 81002260.pdfBall - Precision0.1875 Inch0.876 InchHeavy - hardened Raceway0.25 Inch0.052Steel0.094 Inch1.063 Inch 37
A 6C 9-02008 81002260.pdfBall - Precision0.25 Inch0.876 InchHeavy - hardened Raceway0.375 Inch0.093Steel0.188 Inch1.25 Inch 74
A 6C 9-02812 81002260.pdfBall - Precision0.375 Inch1.25 InchHeavy - hardened Raceway0.44 Inch0.125Steel0.25 Inch1.75 Inch 58
A 6C 9-03212 81002260.pdfBall - Precision0.375 Inch1.5 InchHeavy - hardened Raceway0.437 Inch0.125Steel0.25 Inch2 Inch 37
A 6M 9-00604 79002242.pdfPlain0.128 Inch0.308 InchLight0.093 Inch0.015Acetal, Black0.031 Inch0.375 Inch 263
A 6M 9-00804 79002242.pdfPlain0.128 Inch0.435 InchLight0.125 Inch0.025Acetal, Black0.047 Inch0.5 Inch 143
A 6M 9-01004 79002242.pdfPlain0.128 Inch0.5 InchLight0.125 Inch0.015Acetal, Black0.031 Inch0.625 Inch 157
A 6M 9-01204 79002242.pdfPlain0.128 Inch0.625 InchLight0.156 Inch0.025Acetal, Black0.047 Inch0.75 Inch 14
A 6M 9-01606 79002242.pdfPlain0.19 Inch0.813 InchLight0.156 Inch0.025Acetal, Black0.047 Inch1 Inch 199
A 6M 9-02006 79002242.pdfPlain0.19 Inch1.063 InchLight0.219 Inch0.035Acetal, Black0.063 Inch1.25 Inch 224
A 6M 9-02408 79002242.pdfPlain0.254 Inch1.25 InchLight0.281 Inch0.046Acetal, Black0.094 Inch1.5 Inch 304
A 6M 9-02508 79002242.pdfPlain0.258 Inch1.225 InchLight0.33 Inch0.095Acetal, Black0.188 Inch1.575 Inch 120
A 6M 9-02808 79002242.pdfPlain0.254 Inch1.375 InchLight0.281 Inch0.066Acetal, Black0.125 Inch1.75 Inch 1
A 6M 9-03110 79002242.pdfPlain0.316 Inch1.58 InchLight0.405 Inch0.125Acetal, Black0.25 Inch1.95 Inch Call Us
A 6M 9-03912 79002243.pdfPlain0.375 Inch1.875 InchMedium0.687 Inch0.156Nylatron, GS0.313 Inch2.44 Inch 111
A 6M 9-04012 79002243.pdfPlain0.375 Inch2.2 InchMedium0.25 Inch0.052Nylatron, GS0.094 Inch2.5 Inch 10
A 6M 9-04012A 79002243.pdfPlain0.375 Inch2 InchMedium0.438 Inch0.109Nylatron, GS0.188 Inch2.5 Inch 49
A 6M 9-04812 79002243.pdfPlain0.375 Inch2.5 InchMedium0.438 Inch0.109Nylatron, GS0.188 Inch3 Inch 91
A 6M 9-04812A 79002243.pdfPlain0.375 Inch2.563 InchMedium0.625 Inch0.187Nylatron, GS0.375 Inch3 Inch 100
A 6M 9-05612 79002243.pdfPlain0.375 Inch3 InchMedium0.438 Inch0.109Nylatron, GS0.188 Inch3.5 Inch 31
A 6M 9-06412 79002243.pdfPlain0.375 Inch3.375 InchMedium0.5 Inch0.14Nylatron, GS0.25 Inch4 Inch 98
A 6M 9-07212 79002243.pdfPlain0.375 Inch3.875 InchMedium0.5 Inch0.14Nylatron, GS0.25 Inch4.5 Inch Call Us
A 6M 9-08016 79002243.pdfPlain0.5 Inch4.375 InchMedium0.5 Inch0.14Nylatron, GS0.25 Inch5 Inch 46

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