Open-Ended Timing Belts

MXL, XL, & L: 080, 1/5 & 3/8 PITCH 2.032, 5.08 & 9.525 PITCH
GT®2: 2, 3 & 5 mm 
HTD®: 3 & 5 mm PITCH

MATERIAL: Neoprene - Nylon Covered, Fiberglass Reinforced Polyurethane - Reinforced with Steel Tensile Cords

Temperature Range:
Neoprene: -30°F to +185°F (-34°C to +85°C)
Polyurethane: -0°F to +180°F (-18°C to +82°C)

Metering, positioning, conveying and oscillating drives where belt lengths required are longer than standard endless belts.

A complete timing belt and a timing belt segment reduced vibration and chatter in this oscillating drive for a surface grinder.

Priced per Foot or Meter

Other widths available on special order.


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Product NameCatalog PDFBelt WidthMaterialMax. Length (Feet)No. Of Grooves (ft)PitchTension MemberStockPriceQtyAdd to Cart
A 6R 3-C025 81002006.pdf1/4 InchNeoprene115 Feet60.200" (XL)Fiberglass Cords 250
A 6R 3-C037 81002006.pdf3/8 InchNeoprene250 Feet60.200" (XL)Fiberglass Cords 220.88
A 6R 3-C050 81002006.pdf1/2 InchNeoprene80 Feet60.200" (XL)Fiberglass Cords 332.81
A 6R 3MC060 80502007.pdf6 mmNeoprene  5.08 mm (XL)  76
A 6R 3MC095 80502007.pdf9.5 mmNeoprene  5.08 mm (XL)  67
A 6R 3MC130 80502007.pdf13 mmNeoprene  5.08 mm (XL)  101
A 6R 4-C050 81002006.pdf1/2 InchNeoprene100 Feet32.375" (L)Fiberglass Cords 707.21
A 6R 4-C075 81002006.pdf3/4 InchNeoprene100 Feet32.375" (L)Fiberglass Cords Call Us
A 6R 4-C100 81002006.pdf1 InchNeoprene100 Feet32.375" (L)Fiberglass Cords Call Us
A 6R 4MC130 80502007.pdf13 mmNeoprene  9.525 mm (L)  215
A 6R 4MC190 80502007.pdf19 mmNeoprene  9.525 mm (L)  Call Us
A 6R 4MC250 80502007.pdf25 mmNeoprene  9.525 mm (L)  Call Us
A 6R23MC060 80502008.pdf6 mmNeoprene  3 mm (HTD)  221.8
A 6R23MC090 80502008.pdf9 mmNeoprene  3 mm (HTD)  46.89
A 6R23MC250 80502008.pdf25 mmNeoprene  3 mm (HTD)  Call Us
A 6R25MC060 80502008.pdf6 mmNeoprene  5 mm (HTD)  144.304
A 6R25MC090 80502008.pdf9 mmNeoprene  5 mm (HTD)  122.87
A 6R25MC150 80502008.pdf15 mmNeoprene  5 mm (HTD)  Call Us
A 6R25MC250 80502008.pdf25 mmNeoprene  5 mm (HTD)  67
A 6R51MC060 81002008.pdf6 mmNeoprene  2 mm (GT)  53.55
A 6R51MC090 81002008.pdf9 mmNeoprene  2 mm (GT)  145.74
A 6R51MC120 81002008.pdf12 mmNeoprene  2 mm (GT)  62
A 6R53MC060 81002008.pdf6 mmNeoprene  3 mm (GT)  119.25
A 6R53MC090 81002008.pdf9 mmNeoprene  3 mm (GT)  Call Us
A 6R53MC120 81002008.pdf12 mmNeoprene  3 mm (GT)  3769.53

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