Round Endless Belts

METRIC - 2, 3, 4 & 5 mm DIAMETER
INCH - 1/16, 3/32 & 1/8 DIAMETER

MATERIAL: Neoprene, Approx. 70 Durometer compounded for use in mechanical belt drives
SPECIFICATIONS: Operating Temperature: -65°F to +210°F ( -54°C to +99°C) 

These belts can be used with our Grooved Idler Pulleys and Grooved Pulleys, see index. 3% tolerance on circumference.
10% elongation is permissible.

Round belts require no idlers or spring devices to maintain tension. Round belts are well suited for serpentine drives, reverse bends, and 90° twists. Their inherent damping characteristics reduce noise, and their elasticity effectively smooths out shock and vibration. Pulley diameters should be at least four times the cross-sectional diameter of the belt. For higher speeds (above 2500 rpm), the 4:1 minimum ratio must be increased proportionally because of hysteresis heat buildup in the frequent flexing around the pulleys.


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Product NameCatalog PDFCross Sectional Dia.DurometerInside DiameterMaterialStockPriceQtyAdd to Cart
A 6R11-02010 81002257.pdf1/16 Inch701 InchNeoprene Call Us
A 6R11-02012 81002257.pdf1/16 Inch701.25 InchNeoprene 30
A 6R11-02014 81002257.pdf1/16 Inch701.5 InchNeoprene 5
A 6R11-02016 81002257.pdf1/16 Inch701.75 InchNeoprene 41
A 6R11-02020 81002257.pdf1/16 Inch702 InchNeoprene Call Us
A 6R11-02021 81002257.pdf1/16 Inch702.125 InchNeoprene Call Us
A 6R11-02022 81002257.pdf1/16 Inch702.25 InchNeoprene Call Us
A 6R11-02023 81002257.pdf1/16 Inch702.375 InchNeoprene Call Us
A 6R11-02024 81002257.pdf1/16 Inch702.5 InchNeoprene Call Us
A 6R11-02025 81002257.pdf1/16 Inch702.625 InchNeoprene Call Us
A 6R11-02026 81002257.pdf1/16 Inch702.75 InchNeoprene 50
A 6R11-02027 81002257.pdf1/16 Inch702.875 InchNeoprene 27
A 6R11-02030 81002257.pdf1/16 Inch703 InchNeoprene 27
A 6R11-02032 81002257.pdf1/16 Inch703.25 InchNeoprene 56
A 6R11-02034 81002257.pdf1/16 Inch703.5 InchNeoprene 35
A 6R11-02036 81002257.pdf1/16 Inch703.75 InchNeoprene 70
A 6R11-02040 81002257.pdf1/16 Inch704 InchNeoprene 37
A 6R11-02042 81002257.pdf1/16 Inch704.25 InchNeoprene Call Us
A 6R11-02044 81002257.pdf1/16 Inch704.5 InchNeoprene 6
A 6R11-02046 81002257.pdf1/16 Inch704.75 InchNeoprene Call Us
A 6R11-02050 81002257.pdf1/16 Inch705 InchNeoprene 20
A 6R11-02052 81002257.pdf1/16 Inch705.25 InchNeoprene Call Us
A 6R11-03002 81002257.pdf3/32 Inch700.25 InchNeoprene Call Us
A 6R11-03004 81002257.pdf3/32 Inch700.5 InchNeoprene Call Us
A 6R11-03006 81002257.pdf3/32 Inch700.75 InchNeoprene Call Us

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