Plastic & Metal Pulleys & Gates Timing Belts

Synchronous belts, commonly known as timing belts, are basically flat belts with a series of precisely formed, evenly spaced teeth on the inside circumference. Timing belts are also available in double-sided designs, which offer many other design possibilities. Synchronous belts will not slip or creep due to the positive grip feature of the tooth shape. They have minimal stretch and do not require lubrication. Neoprene timing belts and polyurethane timing belts are reinforced with fiberglass, Kevlar, and polyester, improving breaking strength. Corresponding timing pulleys are manufactured to precisely match tooth profiles, pitch, and width for trouble-free operation.


To transmit rotational power to a shaft, timing belt pulleys and idlers partner with the exact tooth pattern of a compatible timing belt. An idler pulley is a common part that maintains belt tension and doesn’t turn on its own power as a drive pulley but idles, as its’ name implies. Aluminum pulleys and plastic pulleys, machined and molded, are available in a wide range of tooth profiles, pitches, widths, numbers of teeth, and hub styles to accommodate all applications. SDP/SI pulleys are manufactured to the highest standards, meshing perfectly with timing belt profiles, resulting in longer belt life.

Designing a belt and pulley drive system? Get technical information, applications, and design calculations here.

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