Ball-End Plugs

*These dimensions are obtained when fittings are swaged to the dimension of the FLATS.
Before swage, the fitting is round.

In selecting cable fittings, use the WIRE DIAMETER as it is recommended that nylon covering be stripped prior to swaging.


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Product NameCatalog PDFDia. Before SwagingDia. Between FlatsLengthMaterialWire Diameter (Range)StockPriceQtyAdd to Cart
A 6B 9-010125 81002254.pdf0.1250.1050.125Brass.010 – .027 20
A 6B 9-010250 81002254.pdf0.1250.1050.25Brass.010 – .027 50
A 6B 9-010395 81002254.pdf0.1570.1250.391Brass.010 – .027 Call Us
A 6B 9-028125 81002254.pdf0.1250.1050.125Brass.028 – .037 Call Us
A 6B 9-028250 81002254.pdf0.1250.1050.25Brass.028 – .037 Call Us
A 6B 9-028395 81002254.pdf0.1570.1250.391Brass.028 – .037 Call Us
A 6B 9-038125 81002254.pdf0.1250.1050.125Brass.038 – .046 Call Us
A 6B 9-038250 81002254.pdf0.1250.1050.25Brass.038 – .046 64.6
A 6B 9-038395 81002254.pdf0.1570.1250.391Brass.038 – .048 Call Us
A 6B 9-047540 81002254.pdf0.1880.1570.531Brass.047 0.5
A 6B 9-049395 81002254.pdf0.1570.1250.391Brass.049 – .065 Call Us
A 6B 9-063540 81002254.pdf0.1880.1570.531Brass.063 Call Us

12 Items

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