Synchronous Drive Components & Systems

For power transmission applications, a belt and pulley drive system are one of the most common and cost-effective methods used to transfer motion in a drive system. synchronous timing belts, with their defined pattern and evenly spaced teeth, mate with matching timing belt pulleys and idlers to drive motion in precision equipment. When synchronization between shafts is not a priority, V- belts are an excellent alternative. V-belts ride in the groove of compatible V-belt pulleys and idlers. Flat belts find considerable usage in applications requiring small pulley diameters, high belt surface speeds, low noise levels, low weight, and inertia. Round belts or O-Rings are used with grooved pulleys. A cable drive system is another means of transmitting synchronous motion. Consisting of an extremely flexible cable and uniquely grooved pulleys, the Synchromesh Drive system offers design possibilities previously not achievable. Timing belt and cable accessories, belt tensioners and tension testers assist in the maintenance and operation of a belt drive system. 

Advantages of a belt and pulley drive system

  • Cost effective
  • Simple to use
  • No need for a parallel shaft
  • Comes with jam protection
  • Load fluctuations are shock absorbed
  • Reduce noise and vibrations
  • Design flexibility – enables the designer to place components in more advantageous locations at larger distances without paying a price penalty.

For instant access to SDP/SI standard timing belts and pulleys meeting your specifications use the Center Distance Designer Tool.

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On the fence about which drive solution, timing belt and pulley drive system vs. gear drive, is best for your application? Download the SDP/SI design guide for a quick side-by-side comparison.

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