Speed Reducers, Increasers, & Right Angle Drives

Speed reducers are components that use a gear train to reduce output rpms. MGX gearheads and speed reducers are made to the highest exacting standards of craftsmanship. Our MGX gearheads are attachable to the U.S. Bureau of Ordnance (Bu-Ord for short) frame-size servomotors without modifications to the input pinions and without complicated adapters, screw threads, etc., thanks to the versatile mounting clamps supplied. Mounting dimensions are identical to Bu-Ord OP 1755 motor dimensions.

Our speed reducers are offered in low and zero backlash options, with single- and double-ended shafts. They are available in Bu-Ord sizes 11, 15, and 18 and with an O.D. of 1-1/16”, 1-7/16”, and 1-3/4”.

Consult engineering for the gearheads and speed reducers:

  • applicable backlash specifications.
  • output loads applicable diametral pitches
  • numbers of teeth, sizes, ratios, and output loads where zero backlash is applicable.

Many applications require a custom unit

Below is a list of applications that may require custom gearheads and speed reducers:

  • Zero-backlash—for applications requiring absolutely no loss of motion throughout the gear train.
  • Splined shafts—for applications that require direct meshing with other component parts of a gear train.
  • Low-backlash—for applications that do not require zero backlash but do require lower backlash than standard units.
  • Tandem speed reducers and gearheads for applications that require reduction ratios higher than those shown in our tables
  • Exact ratio speed reducers and gearheads for applications that require reduction ratios that are even integers
  • Integral slip clutch speed reducers and gearheads for applications that require a built-in torque-limiting device
  • Heavy-duty speed reducers and gearheads for applications that require two to three times the available output torque of standard gearheads and speed reducers are available as a special order.

We also build speed increasers!

Right-angle drives are components containing a gear train transferring motion at 90°. They’re available in different ratios and can reduce or increase torque or speed by changing the gear ratio. They’re compact and can be utilized when space is restricted. They can easily engage with other gearboxes and may have hollow shafts.

Bevel and worm gear drives are the most common types of right-angle gearboxes. Bevel gearboxes can utilize hypoid gears for higher torque with less friction, although bevel gear right-angle drives can be manufactured with straight-tooth bevel gears, spiral bevel gears, or helical teeth.

Worm gearboxes are a popular type of speed reducer that transforms input motor speeds into high-torque output at lower speeds. They have superior resistance to shock loading in comparison to other gearbox designs.

When choosing a worm gearbox, there are a number of considerations:

  1. What are the necessary input and output torques?
  2. If space is restricted, check the right-angle drive’s dimensions to ensure a proper fit. Worm gear right-angle drives come in multiple ratios and sizes.

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