Hexagonal Stock

Hexagonal Bar StockHexagonal Bar Stock


Steel - Low Carbon
Stainless Steel - 300 Series
Brass - Alloy C360


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Product NameCatalog PDFLengthMaterialWidth Across FlatsStockPriceQtyAdd to Cart
A 7B21-0336 79004022.pdf36 InchBrass0.1875 Inch 2
A 7B21-0436 79004022.pdf36 InchBrass0.25 Inch 1
A 7B21-0536 79004022.pdf36 InchBrass0.3125 Inch 1
A 7B21-0636 79004022.pdf36 InchBrass0.375 Inch Call Us
A 7B21-0736 79004022.pdf36 InchBrass0.4375 Inch 2
A 7B21-0836 79004022.pdf36 InchBrass0.5 Inch 7
A 7B21-1036 79004022.pdf36 InchBrass0.625 Inch 2
A 7B21-1236 79004022.pdf36 InchBrass0.75 Inch 3
A 7B21-1436 79004022.pdf36 InchBrass0.875 Inch Call Us
A 7C21-0336 79004022.pdf36 InchCarbon Steel0.1875 Inch Call Us
A 7C21-0436 79004022.pdf36 InchCarbon Steel0.25 Inch Call Us
A 7C21-0536 79004022.pdf36 InchCarbon Steel0.3125 Inch 2
A 7C21-0636 79004022.pdf36 InchCarbon Steel0.375 Inch Call Us
A 7C21-0736 79004022.pdf36 InchCarbon Steel0.4375 Inch Call Us
A 7C21-0836 79004022.pdf36 InchCarbon Steel0.5 Inch Call Us
A 7C21-1036 79004022.pdf36 InchCarbon Steel0.625 Inch 2
A 7C21-1236 79004022.pdf36 InchCarbon Steel0.75 Inch 3
A 7C21-1436 79004022.pdf36 InchCarbon Steel0.875 Inch Call Us
A 7X21-0336 79004022.pdf36 InchStainless Steel0.1875 Inch 30
A 7X21-0436 79004022.pdf36 InchStainless Steel0.25 Inch 16
A 7X21-0536 79004022.pdf36 InchStainless Steel0.3125 Inch 2
A 7X21-0636 79004022.pdf36 InchStainless Steel0.375 Inch 1
A 7X21-0736 79004022.pdf36 InchStainless Steel0.4375 Inch Call Us
A 7X21-0836 79004022.pdf36 InchStainless Steel0.5 Inch 2
A 7X21-1036 79004022.pdf36 InchStainless Steel0.625 Inch Call Us

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