Square Hole Bushings with Slit

Square Hole Bushings with SlitSquare Hole Bushings with Slit


MATERIAL: 4140 Steel

Fits ANY mating size collet, or 3-jawed chucks.
Provides good concentricity without time consuming adjustments.
Costs a fraction of the price of square collets.

Rc 40-45* Before Slotting

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Product NameCatalog PDFConditionFlange DiameterFlange WidthLengthMaterialNominal SizeOutside DiameterStockPriceQtyAdd to Cart
A 7C18-03 81004032.pdfHardened(Rc 40-43)0.50.0630.754140 Alloy Steel0.1875 SQ.0.375 Call Us
A 7C18-04 81004032.pdfHardened(Rc 40-43)0.5630.06314140 Alloy Steel0.25 SQ.0.468 Call Us
A 7C18-05 81004032.pdfHardened(Rc 40-43)0.6880.06314140 Alloy Steel0.3125 SQ.0.562 5
A 7C18-06 81004032.pdfHardened(Rc 40-43)0.750.06314140 Alloy Steel0.375 SQ.0.656 Call Us
A 7C18-07 81004032.pdfHardened(Rc 40-43)0.8750.0631.254140 Alloy Steel0.4375 SQ.0.75 Call Us
A 7C18-08 81004032.pdfHardened(Rc 40-43)0.8750.0631.254140 Alloy Steel0.5 SQ.0.812 1
A 7C18-10 81004032.pdfHardened(Rc 40-43)1.1250.0631.54140 Alloy Steel0.625 SQ.1 1
A 7C18-12 81004032.pdfHardened(Rc 40-43)1.3750.1251.54140 Alloy Steel0.75 SQ.1.187 1
A 7C18-14 81004032.pdfHardened(Rc 40-43)1.50.1251.754140 Alloy Steel0.875 SQ.1.375 Call Us
A 7C18-16 81004032.pdfHardened(Rc 40-43)1.6250.12524140 Alloy Steel1.0 SQ.1.562 Call Us
A 7C18-18 81004032.pdfHardened(Rc 40-43)1.8750.12524140 Alloy Steel1.125 SQ.1.75 Call Us
A 7C18-19 81004032.pdfHardened(Rc 40-43)20.12524140 Alloy Steel1.1875 SQ.1.812 Call Us
A 7C18-20 81004032.pdfHardened(Rc 40-43)2.1250.12524140 Alloy Steel1.25 SQ.2 Call Us

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