Ground Shafting & Drill Rods

Rotary shafts, or general-purpose shafts, are used with pulleys, gears, sprockets, and bearings to transmit motion. Tight-tolerance precision shafts are made of stainless steel, hardened steel, ground steel, aluminum, and bearing steel. For precision applications, stainless steel ultraprecision ground shafting features a straightness of 0.0002 inches per inch and provides high accuracy and fast response. Ceramic-coated aluminum shafts are nonmagnetic and vibration-resistant; the coating prevents weld spatter and paint from sticking to the shaft.

To create a linear motion system, combine a smooth, hard, and wear-resistant shaft with a linear bearing and shaft support. Thomson shafts are made of steel or stainless steel and come in solid, tubular, or predrilled types. Plated or coated shafts work well in harsh environments. When choosing a shaft for a linear motion application, it is important to consider the shaft’s surface finish and hardness, which can affect bearing wear and life. The smoother the finish, the less friction it will create. Shafts with chamfered edges reduce damage to other components at installation.

Shafts can be modified—keyed, tapped, threaded, D-profile, and more—to meet required specifications.

Shaft reducers and shaft extenders reduce or increase the shaft diameter while increasing the shaft length. Shaft extenders are used where large axial distances between components need to be compensated. When produced in stainless steel, they provide the best performance for high-torque (70–80 lbs. x in.) and high-speed applications.

Precision metric and inch drill rods are made of tool steel with a ground finish. Oil-hardened, high-quality tool steel is suitable for punches, dies, and high-strength machined parts.

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