Single-Ended Shaftloc® Sleeves

Single-Ended Shaftloc® SleevesSingle-Ended Shaftloc® Sleeves


416 Stainless Steel

For Shaftloc® introduction and use, see Technical Notes

For optimum performance, the clearances between
the shaft, Shaftloc® and housing should not exceed .001"

Maximum torque capacity based on mating components
being degreased before assembly with Shaftloc® coupling.

Single-Ended Shaftloc® Sleeves
Can be used with Precision Ground Shafting,
Catalog Number A 7X 1-...

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Product NameCatalog PDFBore (Housing ) (O.D.)Bore Size (B)Dim. Across Flats (H)Length (L)MaterialStockPriceQtyAdd to Cart
A 7Z39-0408 81004006.pdf0.250.1250.3750.5416 Stainless Steel 264
A 7Z39-0612 81004006.pdf0.3750.18750.50.65625416 Stainless Steel 3
A 7Z39-0812 81004006.pdf0.3750.250.50.65625416 Stainless Steel 324
A 7Z39-0816 81004006.pdf0.50.250.6250.8125416 Stainless Steel 146
A 7Z39-1216 81004006.pdf0.50.3750.6250.8125416 Stainless Steel 100
A 7Z39-1220 81004006.pdf0.6250.3750.750.9375416 Stainless Steel 50
A 7Z39-1624 81004006.pdf0.750.50.8750.9375416 Stainless Steel 439
A 7Z39M0306 80504006.pdf   13.2416 Stainless Steel 331
A 7Z39M0408 80504006.pdf   15.2416 Stainless Steel Call Us
A 7Z39M0610 80504006.pdf   15.6416 Stainless Steel 351
A 7Z39M0812 80504006.pdf   20416 Stainless Steel 100
A 7Z39M1016 80504006.pdf   20416 Stainless Steel 53
A 7Z39M1218 80504006.pdf   25.5416 Stainless Steel 88
A 7Z39M1420 80504006.pdf   28.3416 Stainless Steel 59
A 7Z39M1622 80504006.pdf   33.2416 Stainless Steel 24
A 7Z39M1825 80504006.pdf   43416 Stainless Steel 5

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