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Shaftloc® makes keyways and screws obsolete – mount hubless gears, sprockets, pulleys, cams, or any thin-walled components onto a shaft quickly and easily.

Shaftloc® is a patented self-locking device used to rigidly mount mechanical components onto a rotary shaft. Due to its asymmetric thread geometry, a large radial clamping force is produced when the nut is tightened. It is a precision, dynamically balanced product suitable for high-speed applications. The simple 2-piece keyless fastener can be installed within seconds, reducing assembly costs. Tightening the nut causes the slotted sleeve to contract, gripping the shaft and clamping the part to the sleeve at the same time.

  • Simplicity of design – only two parts
  • Easy repositioning or synchronizing of rotating components
  • Applicable to small shaft diameters
  • Ease of assembly - reusable
  • Self-locking
  • Vibration resistant
  • Low-cost

Shaftloc® fasteners are available in various styles, double-ended, single-ended, M-type and
A-type and can be used with precision ground shafting.

SDP/SI manufactures the following molded pulleys for use with Shaftloc®:

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