Two-Piece Clamp-Type Shaft Collars

Two-Piece Clamp-Type Shaft CollarsTwo-Piece Clamp-Type Shaft Collars


304 Stainless Steel

Shaft Tolerance:
            3 mm 0/-0.007
   4 to  6 mm 0/-0.012
  8 &  10 mm 0/-0.015
12 to 18 mm 0/-0.018
20 &  25 mm 0/-0.021

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Product NameCatalog PDFBore Size (d)EMaterialOutside Dia. (D)Screw SizeShaft SizeWeight (grams)Width (L)StockPriceQtyAdd to Cart
S25NSCM2S0308 80504021.pdf3 mm4.5 mm304 Stainless Steel15 mmM33 mm9 g8 mm Call Us
S25NSCM2S0408 80504021.pdf4 mm4.5 mm304 Stainless Steel15 mmM34 mm9 g8 mm Call Us
S25NSCM2S0508 80504021.pdf5 mm5.5 mm304 Stainless Steel20 mmM35 mm16 g8 mm 1
S25NSCM2S0608 80504021.pdf6 mm6 mm304 Stainless Steel20 mmM36 mm16 g8 mm Call Us
S25NSCM2S0808 80504021.pdf8 mm8 mm304 Stainless Steel25 mmM38 mm24 g8 mm Call Us
S25NSCM2S1010 80504021.pdf10 mm9 mm304 Stainless Steel30 mmM410 mm42 g10 mm Call Us
S25NSCM2S1210 80504021.pdf12 mm10 mm304 Stainless Steel30 mmM412 mm40 g10 mm Call Us
S25NSCM2S1310 80504021.pdf13 mm10 mm304 Stainless Steel30 mmM413 mm38 g10 mm Call Us
S25NSCM2S1512 80504021.pdf15 mm12 mm304 Stainless Steel35 mmM515 mm66 g12 mm Call Us
S25NSCM2S1612 80504021.pdf16 mm12 mm304 Stainless Steel35 mmM516 mm64 g12 mm Call Us
S25NSCM2S1715 80504021.pdf17 mm13 mm304 Stainless Steel40 mmM617 mm102 g15 mm Call Us
S25NSCM2S1815 80504021.pdf18 mm15 mm304 Stainless Steel45 mmM618 mm132 g15 mm Call Us
S25NSCM2S2015 80504021.pdf20 mm15 mm304 Stainless Steel45 mmM620 mm129 g15 mm Call Us
S25NSCM2S2515 80504021.pdf25 mm18 mm304 Stainless Steel50 mmM625 mm155 g15 mm Call Us

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