Partially Threaded Square Hole Sleeves

Partially Threaded Square Hole SleevesPartially Threaded Square Hole Sleeves
Partially Threaded Square Hole SleevePartially Threaded Square Hole Sleeve


C.R.S. 1117 (May be Case-Hardened)

.003 T.I.R. Between O.D & Square Hole

Square Hole Sleeves are available in two styles:
1. One with a tapped hole at one end to receive a back-up screw which we supply.

2. One with a squared hole end to end without thread or back-up screw.

Sleeves also may be ordered with .015 grinding stock on O.D., if desired. Add “G” to catalog number. Tolerance is the same as on standard O.D.

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Product NameCatalog PDFHole SizeLengthMaterialOutside DiameterThread DepthThread Size (#)Tool Bit SizesStockPriceQtyAdd to Cart
A 7C19-T012 79004024.pdf0.128 (+/-0.001) SQ0.751117 Carbon Steel0.2190.25#10 - 320.125 SQ Call Us
A 7C19-T018 79004024.pdf0.1915 (+/-0.001) SQ1.51117 Carbon Steel0.3130.4381/4-280.1875 SQ Call Us
A 7C19-T025 79004024.pdf0.255 (+/-0.001) SQ21117 Carbon Steel0.4380.55/16-240.25 SQ 4
A 7C19-T031 79004024.pdf0.3175 (+/-0.001) SQ2.251117 Carbon Steel0.50.5633/8-240.3125 SQ Call Us
A 7C19-T037 79004024.pdf0.38 (+/-0.001) SQ2.51117 Carbon Steel0.5940.6251/2-200.375 SQ Call Us
A 7C19-T043 79004024.pdf0.4425 (+/-0.001) SQ2.6251117 Carbon Steel0.6880.6251/2-200.4375 SQ Call Us
A 7C19-T050 79004024.pdf0.505 (+/-0.001) SQ2.751117 Carbon Steel0.7810.6255/8-180.5 SQ Call Us
A 7C19-T062 79004024.pdf0.63 (+/-0.001) SQ3.251117 Carbon Steel0.93813/4-160.625 SQ Call Us
A 7C19-T075 79004024.pdf0.755 (+/-0.001) SQ41117 Carbon Steel1.12511-140.75 SQ 1
A 7C19-T087 79004024.pdf0.88 (+/-0.001) SQ41117 Carbon Steel1.31311-140.875 SQ Call Us
A 7C19-T100 79004024.pdf1.008 (+/-0.001) SQ51117 Carbon Steel1.51.51-1/8 - 121 SQ Call Us
A 7C19-T125 79004024.pdf1.26 (+/-0.001) SQ51117 Carbon Steel21.51-1/2 - 121.25 SQ Call Us

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