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Precision Shafts & AccessoriesPrecision Shafts & Accessories

Shafts are mechanical components, typically cylindrical in shape, used to transmit motion, torque, and/or power in any combination. They are also subject to lateral loads. These can be constant or fluctuating. The sizing of shafts, therefore, is usually determined as a function of torsionally-induced stresses (shear stresses), bending stresses (tensile or compressive stresses), and the nature of the load (constant or fluctuating).

Different industries use different power transmission components. There are linear motion devices that transfer power and support motion in a straight line. Thomson bearing shafts are recognized for their optimal performance, minimal maintenance, and long life. Precision shafts, shaft supports, linear bearings, and other motion control products are used in the medical, packaging, material handling, automation, and food processing industries. 

Shafts are an essential element in mechanical power transmission applications, transmitting motion from one shaft to another with a connection between them. Power transmission components such as gears, pulleys, couplings, and more are mounted onto a shaft to transmit power or rotation. Applications include robotics, 3D printers, medical devices, machine tools, military and defense equipment and instrumentation and aircraft controls.

Fastening Methods

A key aspect of the proper design and operation of these assemblies is how components are fastened to the rotating shaft to maintain position and alignment. Hubs are usually fastened to shafts by means of press fits, setscrews, pins, clamps, keys and keyways or special fasteners.

The Fairloc® Hub
The unique SDP/SI Fairloc® hub design is available if phasing, positioning, or overload protection is required. Stock mechanical components featuring Fairloc® include pulleys, gears, couplings, precision gear and dial hubs, shaft collars, shaft reducers and shaft extenders. Learn More...

The Shaftloc® Fastening System
Another exclusive SDP/SI fastener is Shaftloc®. The Shaftloc® two-piece fastening system secures components to a shaft making setscrews obsolete. Compact in size, they are easily installed and removed. Learn more... 

Other fastening methods are locking hub bushings, taper bushings, shaft collars and shaft/hub clamps.

Customized To Your Specifications

Shafts can be manufactured or modified to meet specific requirements and supplied with material certification if needed. Call us or submit an RFQ.

  • D-profile shafts
  • Flange-mount idler rotary shafts 
  • Keyed shafts 
  • Shafts with retaining ring grooves 
  • Splined shafts for high-torque applications
  • Step-down shafts
  • Tapped shafts
  • Threaded shafts
  • Thread-mount idler rotary shafts 

When space is a problem, cutting gear teeth directly into the shaft eliminates the need for additional components, streamlining design and saving time and cost in assembly.

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