The PAC Series

The PAC series is a highly efficient and quiet-running (operating at 61 dBA/1m) precision planetary gearhead that is utilized in high-torque applications. It features an anti-backlash design and is configured with caged planet carriers. They are available in ratios of 3 to 100:1.

The PAN Series

The PAN planetary gearhead series is equipped with a NEMA output flange and a metric shaft.

The PAN series offers exceptional torque ratings and capacity and operates at a quiet 60-67 dBA/1m. The PAN series features an IP65-rated enclosure and is available in one, two, or three stages and in five frame sizes.



MGX Gearheads

The SDP/SI precision MGX spur gearheads and speed reducers are designed, manufactured, and assembled in our cutting-edge manufacturing facility. The unique gear train design is available in a wide range of ratios, from 5:1 to 1521:1. Designed and manufactured to the most stringent requirements set forth by the US Navy Bureau of Ordnance (Bu-Ord) for applications in surface, underwater, aviation fire control, computing and navigational systems, and missiles. The unique and compact gear train design provides excellent accuracy with an optional patented torsional spring anti-backlash design.

Customized solutions available with mounting adaptor plate, heavy duty gearing, special gear ratios, and near zero backlash gearing offered as special order.

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