Linear Guide & Motion Systems

Linear guide systems support loads in a linear direction, whether being vertically or horizontally. We carry several different linear guide systems including, ball and ACME lead screws and nuts, linear guide carriage and rail assemblies, and V-grooved guide wheels and tracks. 

Ball and ACME Lead Screws

Image of a lead screw, a screw with a small cube stopper in the middle, before the screw continues and ends in a point
Ball and lead screw assemblies consist of a helical raceway filled with ball bearings (ball) and a threaded shaft (screw). The helical raceway travels horizontally or vertically along the threaded shaft.

Linear Guide Carriage and Rails

Linear guide carriage and rail systems consist of a carriage plate that uses a bearing to ride on a guide rail that supports linear movement. They are frequently used in automation applications to move components between operations in a system.

V-Grooved Guide Wheels and Tracks

V-groove guide wheels have a V-groove cut into a wheel and travel along a track with a V-profile. They are equipped with a bearing to maintain separation between moving parts, reduce friction, and support radial and axial loads.

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