Spring powered reels are offered in both open and enclosed styles. Enclosed styles are basically an open reel within a closed container. Compact in size with retractable cable, enclosed spring power reels are suitable for point-of-purchase displays. Base-mounted closed and open spring power reels are found in applications such as door closers, hose retrievers, counterbalances, and cabinet and furniture components. Open style spring reels consist of exposed galvanized steel, nylon coated cable, wrapped around the reel between two flanges. The case is constructed of either steel or plastic and feature a square clearance hole thru for mounting on a square stud (Arbor mounted). These can be easily modified with different cable sizes, lengths, or end connection.

Spring motor assemblies provide linear and rotary output. A constant torque motor consists of a band, take-up drum, larger output drum, baseplate, and cable.

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