Screws & Nuts

Screws, nuts, and locknuts are standardized industrial fasteners used in the assembly of mechanisms. Cap screws, set screws, machine screws, shoulder screws, and hex nuts are suitable for a wide range of applications.


Shoulder Screws

A Shoulder Screw or shoulder bolt is a type of machine screw with a shank or unthreaded shoulder immediately below the head which is greater in diameter than the threads. Stainless steel or steel shoulder screws have various head types such as socket head, slotted head, Phillips head and shallow head. Used to hold components together, including gears, pulleys, and shafts, they are available in commercial and precision grade. Precision grade shoulder screws, with their tighter tolerances, are well suited for use with ball bearings and other precision parts.

Machine Screws

Used in machinery, Machine Screws have a fully threaded shank and are installed into pre-drilled holes. Stainless steel machine screws are designed with various head styes such as cross recessed flat head, flat head, fillister head and round head.  Molded slotted head machine screws are nonconductive, noncorrosive, vibration resistant and lightweight.

Cap Screw, Socket Screw and Socket Head Cap Screws

Cap Screw, Socket Screw and Socket Head Cap Screw are all used to describe a popular fastener that features a cylindrical head with a hexagonal shaped recess for tightening or loosening. Socket head cap screws are fully or partially threaded to accommodate various applications. To tighten or loosen this type of screw an Allen key or hex wrench is required. Socket Head Cap Screws should be chosen based on application.

Styles include:

  • Socket Flat Head Cap Screw
  • Low Profile with a head height of 1.5 mm or less where clearance is an issue.
  • Moly coated high-tensile steel cap screws are ideal for use with aluminum to prevent galling of threaded holes.
  • Nylon Socket Head Cap Screws are noncorrosive, lightweight, nonconductive, and antimagnetic.
  • Socket Head Cap Captive Screws prevent loss during install and removal due to their unique shape. Commonly used to secure protective covers to instruments, electronic equipment, and machinery. These socket head cap screws are also available in a low profile and extreme low-profile design.

Extreme low profile 6-Point Star Socket Head Cap Screws are built for high strength applications. The unique internal driving shape can withstand high-tightening torque. Reduces damage to tools and screw heads.

Set Screws

Set Screws are very useful in assembly. Set screws are fasteners that are basically a threaded rod, designed without a head or tip. The entire length of the threaded set screw can be inserted within a component. Common applications include securing a gear, collar, or pulley onto a rotating shaft. Rolling-Ball Tip Set Screws provide single-point contact, reducing damage to a workpiece held in place. Flat-Ball Tip Set Screws accommodate tilted surfaces. The ball can rotate up to 9 degrees to securely fasten an object in place.

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