Composite Spur Gears

1/4 & 3/8 FACE
3/8 & 1/2 BORE

Gear - Cast Nylon 12 (PA12G)
Knurled Core - 303 Stainless Steel

Quiet operation
Precision hobbed & machined
Integral metal core
Dimensionally stable against moisture
High torque transmission

Other face widths, number of teeth, bore diameters and Carbon Steel core available on special order.


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Product NameCatalog PDFBore Size (B)Core Dia. (D)Diametral PitchFace Width (FW)Hub StyleNo. Of TeethOutside DiameterPitch Dia.Pressure Angle (°)Quality ClassStockPriceQtyAdd to Cart
S12A8Z-024PC024 81001144.pdf0.37480.63240.25Hubless241.083 Inch1 Inch20 °AGMA 9 2
S12A8Z-024PC030 81001144.pdf0.37480.787240.25Hubless301.333 Inch1.25 Inch20 °AGMA 9 Call Us
S12A8Z-024PC032 81001144.pdf0.37480.787240.25Hubless321.417 Inch1.3333 Inch20 °AGMA 9 Call Us
S12A8Z-024PC036 81001144.pdf0.37480.787240.25Hubless361.583 Inch1.5 Inch20 °AGMA 9 Call Us
S12A8Z-024PC048 81001144.pdf0.37481.181240.25Hubless482.083 Inch2 Inch20 °AGMA 9 Call Us
S12A8Z-024PC060 81001144.pdf0.37481.378240.25Hubless602.583 Inch2.5 Inch20 °AGMA 9 Call Us
S12A8Z-024PC064 81001144.pdf0.37481.378240.25Hubless642.75 Inch2.6666 Inch20 °AGMA 9 Call Us
S12A8Z-024PC072 81001144.pdf0.37481.575240.25Hubless723.083 Inch3 Inch20 °AGMA 9 5
S12A8Z-024PC096 81001144.pdf0.37481.969240.25Hubless964.083 Inch4 Inch20 °AGMA 9 5
S12A8Z-032PC028 81001124.pdf0.37480.63320.25Hubless280.938 Inch0.875 Inch20 °AGMA 9 Call Us
S12A8Z-032PC030 81001124.pdf0.37480.63320.25Hubless301 Inch0.9375 Inch20 °AGMA 9 Call Us
S12A8Z-032PC032 81001124.pdf0.37480.63320.25Hubless321.063 Inch1 Inch20 °AGMA 9 17
S12A8Z-032PC036 81001124.pdf0.37480.787320.25Hubless361.188 Inch1.125 Inch20 °AGMA 9 Call Us
S12A8Z-032PC040 81001124.pdf0.37480.787320.25Hubless401.313 Inch1.25 Inch20 °AGMA 9 Call Us
S12A8Z-032PC048 81001124.pdf0.37480.787320.25Hubless481.563 Inch1.5 Inch20 °AGMA 9 1
S12A8Z-032PC056 81001124.pdf0.37480.984320.25Hubless561.813 Inch1.75 Inch20 °AGMA 9 2
S12A8Z-032PC060 81001124.pdf0.37480.984320.25Hubless601.938 Inch1.875 Inch20 °AGMA 9 Call Us
S12A8Z-032PC064 81001124.pdf0.37481.181320.25Hubless642.063 Inch2 Inch20 °AGMA 9 Call Us
S12A8Z-032PC072 81001124.pdf0.37481.181320.25Hubless722.313 Inch2.25 Inch20 °AGMA 9 Call Us
S12A8Z-032PC080 81001124.pdf0.37481.378320.25Hubless802.563 Inch2.5 Inch20 °AGMA 9 Call Us
S12A8Z-032PC096 81001124.pdf0.37481.575320.25Hubless963.063 Inch3 Inch20 °AGMA 9 Call Us
S12A8Z-032PC112 81001124.pdf0.37481.575320.25Hubless1123.563 Inch3.5 Inch20 °AGMA 9 Call Us
S12A8Z-032PC128 81001124.pdf0.37481.969320.25Hubless1284.063 Inch4 Inch20 °AGMA 9 Call Us
S12A8Z-048PC044 81001101.pdf0.37480.63480.25Hubless440.958 Inch0.9167 Inch20 °AGMA 9 Call Us
S12A8Z-048PC048 81001101.pdf0.37480.63480.25Hubless481.042 Inch1 Inch20 °AGMA 9 Call Us

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