Metal Screw Gears

Available in Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel.

Stainless Steel is suitable for food machinery due to it's rust resistant qualities.


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Product NameCatalog PDFBore (A)Face Width (E)Hub Diameter (B)Hub TypeLength (G)MaterialModuleNo. Of TeethPitch Diameter (C)Spiral HandStockPriceQtyAdd to Cart
KAN1-13L qtc (254).pdf61015Plain20Aluminum Bronze11318.4Left Hand Call Us
KAN1-13R qtc (254).pdf61015Plain20Aluminum Bronze11318.4Right Hand 3
KAN1-15L qtc (254).pdf61018Plain20Aluminum Bronze11521.2Left Hand Call Us
KAN1-15R qtc (254).pdf61018Plain20Aluminum Bronze11521.2Right Hand Call Us
KAN1.5-10L qtc (254).pdf81516Plain25Aluminum Bronze1.51021.2Left Hand Call Us
KAN1.5-10R qtc (254).pdf81516Plain25Aluminum Bronze1.51021.2Right Hand Call Us
KAN1.5-13L qtc (254).pdf101523Plain25Aluminum Bronze1.51327.6Left Hand Call Us
KAN1.5-13R qtc (254).pdf101523Plain25Aluminum Bronze1.51327.6Right Hand Call Us
KAN1.5-15L qtc (254).pdf101525Plain25Aluminum Bronze1.51531.8Left Hand Call Us
KAN1.5-15R qtc (254).pdf101525Plain25Aluminum Bronze1.51531.8Right Hand Call Us
KAN2-10L qtc (254).pdf122022Plain35Aluminum Bronze21028.3Left Hand Call Us
KAN2-10R qtc (254).pdf122022Plain35Aluminum Bronze21028.3Right Hand Call Us
KAN2-13L qtc (254).pdf122030Plain35Aluminum Bronze21336.8Left Hand Call Us
KAN2-13R qtc (254).pdf122030Plain35Aluminum Bronze21336.8Right Hand Call Us
KAN2-15L qtc (254).pdf122035Plain35Aluminum Bronze21542.4Left Hand Call Us
KAN2-15R qtc (254).pdf122035Plain35Aluminum Bronze21542.4Right Hand Call Us
KAN2.5-10L qtc (254).pdf122226Plain38Aluminum Bronze2.51035.4Left Hand Call Us
KAN2.5-10R qtc (254).pdf122226Plain38Aluminum Bronze2.51035.4Right Hand Call Us
KAN2.5-13L qtc (254).pdf152235Plain38Aluminum Bronze2.51346Left Hand Call Us
KAN2.5-13R qtc (254).pdf152235Plain38Aluminum Bronze2.51346Right Hand Call Us
KAN2.5-15L qtc (254).pdf152240Plain38Aluminum Bronze2.51553Left Hand Call Us
KAN2.5-15R qtc (254).pdf152240Plain38Aluminum Bronze2.51553Right Hand Call Us
KAN3-10L qtc (254).pdf152534Plain43Aluminum Bronze31042.4Left Hand Call Us
KAN3-10R qtc (254).pdf152534Plain43Aluminum Bronze31042.4Right Hand Call Us
KAN3-13L qtc (254).pdf202545Plain43Aluminum Bronze31355.2Left Hand Call Us

Items 1-25 of 542

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