Metric Metal & Plastic Screw Gears

Screw gears (crossed helical gears) are helical gears that are used to transmit (linear to rotary or rotary to linear) motion between non-intersecting shafts, typically at 90°. Friction at the tooth point of contact, coupled with gear slippage, can cause screw gears to wear quickly and jam easily (even under light loads). For this reason, our engineers suggest pairing screw gears with different materials. Gears with hardened teeth outperform gears with unhardened teeth in terms of wear resistance. When pairing helical gears, the helix angles must be the same but with different thread hands. In contrast, paired screw gears have different helix angles but the same thread hand (follow this link for more technical information about screw gears).

Screw gears can be utilized in applications where the input and output shafts neither intersect nor are parallel. We offer screw gears in modules 1 through 4, available in steel, stainless steel, aluminum bronze, and plastic.

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