Inch & Metric Pinion Wire

The material of pinion wire is dragged through the dies; it is referred to as "drawn" steel, a process that begins with melting several metals together, typically iron plus an additional metal type that is a crucial part of the alloy (smelting). After being slightly cooled, the metal is then coated with a drawing lubricant and pulled through the dies, which form its teeth. The metal cannot be dragged through the dies that shape it without this lubrication.

When a stock gear is not available, spur gears can be made using SDP/SI pinion wires. Available in the following pitches: 64, 48, 44, 32, and 24 (modules 0.4, 0.5, and 0.8) in steel and brass. Other lengths are available upon request.

Steel spur gear stock is also offered in pitches 48, 32, 24, and 20 (modules 0.8 and 1) and is used to make spur gears.


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Product NameCatalog PDFDiametral PitchLengthMaterialNo. Of TeethOutside DiameterPitch Dia.Pressure Angle (°)StockPriceQtyAdd to Cart
A 1B 9-N241009 81001185.pdf241' ( Foot )Brass90.458 Inch0.375 Inch14.5 ° 5
A 1B 9-N241012 81001185.pdf241' ( Foot )Brass120.583 Inch0.5 Inch14.5 ° Call Us
A 1B 9-N241014 81001185.pdf241' ( Foot )Brass140.667 Inch0.583 Inch14.5 ° 3
A 1B 9-N245012 81001185.pdf245' ( Feet )Brass120.583 Inch0.5 Inch14.5 ° 13
A 1B 9-N321008 81001185.pdf321' ( Foot )Brass80.313 Inch0.25 Inch14.5 ° 4
A 1B 9-N321009 81001185.pdf321' ( Foot )Brass90.344 Inch0.281 Inch14.5 ° Call Us
A 1B 9-N321010 81001185.pdf321' ( Foot )Brass100.375 Inch0.313 Inch14.5 ° 1
A 1B 9-N321012 81001185.pdf321' ( Foot )Brass120.438 Inch0.375 Inch14.5 ° 2
A 1B 9-N321020 81001185.pdf321' ( Foot )Brass200.688 Inch0.625 Inch14.5 ° 1
A 1B 9-N321024 81001185.pdf321' ( Foot )Brass240.813 Inch0.75 Inch14.5 ° 1
A 1B 9-N321028 81001185.pdf321' ( Foot )Brass280.938 Inch0.875 Inch14.5 ° 3
A 1B 9-N481010 81001184.pdf481' ( Foot )Brass100.25 Inch0.208 Inch14.5 ° 22
A 1B 9-N481020 81001184.pdf481' ( Foot )Brass200.458 Inch0.417 Inch14.5 ° Call Us
A 1B 9-N481022 81001184.pdf481' ( Foot )Brass220.5 Inch0.458 Inch14.5 ° 2
A 1B 9-N481024 81001184.pdf481' ( Foot )Brass240.542 Inch0.5 Inch14.5 ° 9
A 1B 9-N481026 81001184.pdf481' ( Foot )Brass260.583 Inch0.542 Inch14.5 ° Call Us
A 1B 9-N481032 81001184.pdf481' ( Foot )Brass320.708 Inch0.667 Inch14.5 ° 9
A 1B 9-N483022 81001184.pdf483' ( Feet )Brass220.5 Inch0.458 Inch14.5 ° 2
A 1B 9-N483024 81001184.pdf483' ( Feet )Brass240.542 Inch0.5 Inch14.5 ° Call Us
A 1B 9-N485010 81001184.pdf485' ( Feet )Brass100.25 Inch0.208 Inch14.5 ° 7
A 1B 9-N485012 81001184.pdf485' ( Feet )Brass120.292 Inch0.25 Inch14.5 ° Call Us
A 1B 9-N485013 81001184.pdf485' ( Feet )Brass130.313 Inch0.271 Inch14.5 ° Call Us
A 1B 9-N485015 81001184.pdf485' ( Feet )Brass150.354 Inch0.313 Inch14.5 ° 4
A 1B 9-N485020 81001184.pdf485' ( Feet )Brass200.458 Inch0.417 Inch14.5 ° 1
A 1B 9-N485024 81001184.pdf485' ( Feet )Brass240.542 Inch0.5 Inch14.5 ° Call Us

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