Zerol Miter Gears


Black Oxide Coated Except for Ground Portion


Zerol Miter Gears are spiral miter gears with a helix angle of less than 10°.
Balanced and superior performance as they combine the features of straight and spiral bevel gears.
Allows compact design as no inward thrust force is produced, which causes problems when using spiral miter gears. Unlike straight miter gears, Zerol Miter Gears can be ground finished, allowing higher precision, wear-resistance and are quieter, when compared with straight miter gears. When replacing, please use a set of Zerol miter gears with opposite spiral hands, one right-hand and the other left-hand.

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Product NameCatalog PDFBore Size (A)Class / MaterialFace Width (J)Helix DirectionModuleMounting Distance (E)No. Of TeethOverall Width (F)Pitch Diameter (C)StockPriceQtyAdd to Cart
KSMZG2-20L qtc (218).pdf14 mmCommercial / Carbon Steel12 mmR2.548 mm2032.34 mm50 mm Call Us
KSMZG2.5-20L qtc (218).pdf12 mmCommercial / Carbon Steel10 mmR2.037 mm2024.69 mm40 mm Call Us
KSMZG2.5-20R qtc (218).pdf14 mmCommercial / Carbon Steel12 mmL2.548 mm2032.34 mm50 mm Call Us
KSMZG3-20L qtc (218).pdf16 mmCommercial / Carbon Steel15 mmL3.058 mm2039.52 mm60 mm Call Us
KSMZG3-20R qtc (218).pdf16 mmCommercial / Carbon Steel15 mmR3.058 mm2039.52 mm60 mm Call Us

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