Angular Miter Gears

The shafts of standard Miter Gears are positioned at 90°, Miter Gears with other angles are called Angular Miter Gears. Angular Miter Gears are available with 45°, 60°, and 120° shaft angles. We recommended the use of a pair of identical gears in mesh. Other shaft angles may be ordered as custom gears. 

: 45°, 60°, and 120°

MATERIAL:  S45C, Black Oxide Coating

The shaft angle of each product is the degree obtained when two of the same products are installed as a pair. Pairing two different products cannot change the shaft angle.

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Product NameCatalog PDFBore Size (A)ClassFace Width (J)MaterialModuleMounting Distance (E)No. Of TeethOverall Width (F)Pitch Diameter (C)Shaft AngleStockPriceQtyAdd to Cart
KSAM1.5-20045 qtc (222).pdf8Commercial11.0Carbon Steel1.5452019.333045° Call Us
KSAM1.5-20060 qtc (222).pdf8Commercial9.0Carbon Steel1.5402022.303060° Call Us
KSAM1.5-20120 qtc (222).pdf8Commercial5.0Carbon Steel1.5262020.6930120° Call Us
KSAM2-20045 qtc (222).pdf10Commercial15.0Carbon Steel2.5602026.085045° Call Us
KSAM2-20060 qtc (222).pdf12Commercial12.0Carbon Steel2.5502026.395060° Call Us
KSAM2-20120 qtc (222).pdf12Commercial6.5Carbon Steel2.5342026.8650120° Call Us
KSAM2.5-20045 qtc (222).pdf12Commercial18.0Carbon Steel2.0752031.924045° Call Us
KSAM2.5-20060 qtc (222).pdf14Commercial15.0Carbon Steel2.0602030.494060° Call Us
KSAM2.5-20120 qtc (222).pdf14Commercial8.5Carbon Steel2.0422033.2240120° Call Us
KSAM3-20045 qtc (222).pdf14Commercial22.0Carbon Steel3.0902038.666045° Call Us
KSAM3-20060 qtc (222).pdf16Commercial18.0Carbon Steel3.0702034.596060° Call Us
KSAM3-20120 qtc (222).pdf16Commercial10.0Carbon Steel3.0502039.3960120° Call Us

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