Inch & Metric Internal Gears

Internal gears are spur gears with teeth on the inside of the gear as opposed to on the outside. They rotate in the same direction as the driving gear (a spur gear of the same module), turning it. They frequently serve as a component of a planetary gear configuration, in which a driving gear (typically, the sun gear) rotates planet gears inside of an internal gear (also known here as an annular gear).

Types Of Planetary Gear Systems

 Planetary Gear Arrangments
The diagram above illustrates the three types of planetary gear systems. There can be numerous variations in speed ratios and rotational directions created depending on the configurations of which shafts are used as input and output.

Our inch and metric internal gears are available in stainless steel, aluminum, and brass. They are offered in pitches ranging from 96 to 24 and modules 0.5 to 3.


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Product NameCatalog PDFDiametral PitchFace WidthInside Diameter (I.D.)MaterialNo. Of TeethOutside Dia. (O.D.)Pitch Dia. (P.D.)Pressure Angle (°)Quality ClassStockPriceQtyAdd to Cart
A 1B10-N24048 81001193.pdf240.251.9167Brass482.75214.5 °Commercial Call Us
A 1B10-N24060 81001193.pdf240.252.4167Brass603.252.514.5 °Commercial Call Us
A 1B10-N24072 81001193.pdf240.252.9167Brass723.75314.5 °Commercial Call Us
A 1B10-N24144 81001193.pdf240.255.9167Brass1446.75614.5 °Commercial Call Us
A 1B10-N32032 81001193.pdf320.18750.9375Brass321.5114.5 °Commercial 8
A 1B10-N32064 81001193.pdf320.18751.9375Brass642.75214.5 °Commercial Call Us
A 1B10-N32080 81001193.pdf320.18752.4375Brass803.252.514.5 °Commercial Call Us
A 1B10-N48048 81001193.pdf480.1250.9583Brass481.5114.5 °Commercial 1
A 1B10-N48072 81001193.pdf480.1251.4583Brass7221.514.5 °Commercial Call Us
A 1B10-N48084 81001193.pdf480.1251.7083Brass842.51.7514.5 °Commercial 7
A 1B10-N48096 81001193.pdf480.1251.9583Brass962.75214.5 °Commercial 7
A 1B10-N48120 81001193.pdf480.1252.4583Brass1203.252.514.5 °Commercial Call Us
A 1C10MYK10060 80501136.pdf   Carbon Steel60 60 mm20 °Commercial 2
A 1C10MYK10080 80501136.pdf   Carbon Steel80 80 mm20 °Commercial Call Us
A 1C10MYK10090 80501136.pdf   Carbon Steel90 90 mm20 °Commercial Call Us
A 1C10MYK10100 80501136.pdf   Carbon Steel100 100 mm20 °Commercial Call Us
A 1C10MYK10120 80501136.pdf   Carbon Steel120 120 mm20 °Commercial 2
KSI0.5-100 qtc (185).pdf   Carbon Steel100 50 mm20 °Commercial Call Us
KSI0.5-60 qtc (185).pdf   Carbon Steel60 30 mm20 °Commercial Call Us
KSI0.5-80 qtc (185).pdf   Carbon Steel80 40 mm20 °Commercial Call Us
KSI0.8-100 qtc (185).pdf   Carbon Steel100 80 mm20 °Commercial Call Us
KSI0.8-60 qtc (185).pdf   Carbon Steel60 48 mm20 °Commercial Call Us
KSI0.8-80 qtc (185).pdf   Carbon Steel80 64 mm20 °Commercial Call Us
KSI1-100 qtc (185).pdf   Carbon Steel100 100 mm20 °Commercial Call Us
KSI1-60 qtc (185).pdf   Carbon Steel60 60 mm20 °Commercial Call Us

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