Solid Shaft Differentials

Shaft Diameters - 5/64, 3/32 & 1/8
96 Pitch 

Stainless Steel
Ball Bearings

Sterling Instrument standard catalog end gears which are ordered at the same time as the below differential(s) will be assembled to the differential free of charge.

10 arc minutes maximum backlash between end gears.

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Product NameCatalog PDFBreakway TorqueClearance DiameterLength (L" / H")Load RatingMaterialMAX SPEED (RPM)PitchShaft Dia. (inch)Weight (oz.)StockPriceQtyAdd to Cart
S9520A-TS5 79009007.pdf0.050.957320 (oz-in)Stainless Steel1000960.093750.6 Call Us
S9540A-T709 79009009.pdf0.070.881.78825 (oz-in)Stainless Steel1000640.1250.6 Call Us
S9540A-TS1 79009010.pdf0.201.37449 (oz-in)Stainless Steel600720.12502.3 Call Us
S9540A-TS7 79009011.pdf0.080.9471.526 (oz-in)Stainless Steel800640.0930.9 Call Us
S9550A-T710 79009009.pdf0.070.9931.7625 (oz-in)Stainless Steel1000640.1880.8 Call Us
S9550A-TS2 79009010.pdf0.201.706580 (oz-in)Stainless Steel2400640.18755.2 Call Us
S9570A-T711 79009009.pdf0.150.1881.92230 (oz-in)Stainless Steel1000640.251.9 Call Us
S9570A-TS3 79009010.pdf0.091.960680 (oz-in)Stainless Steel2400480.2507.5 Call Us
S9590A-T708 79009009.pdf0.050.61.55610 (oz-in)Stainless Steel1000960.07810.5 Call Us

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