Steel & Thermoplastic Universal Joints

Universal joints are used to transmit motion and/or power between rotating shafts, which are usually not parallel but intersecting. The simplest and most common type is called the Cardan joint or Hooke joint. U-joints consist of two yokes, one on each shaft, connected by a cross-shaped intermediate member called a spider. The angle between the two shafts is called the operating angle. It is typically (but not always) constant during operation. Good design practice calls for low operating angles, often less than 25°, depending on the application. For more technical information on universal joints, click here.

For maximum load-carrying capacity, for a given size, a steel universal joint should be selected. Ball-jointed universals are used for high-speed operation and for carrying large torques. They are available in miniature and standard sizes.

Universal joints are available in steel or thermoplastic. Universal joints with a thermoplastic body member are used in light industrial applications A wide range of standard inch and metric universal joints are offered by SDP/SI in acetal, steel, stainless steel, and acetal with a brass spider and inserts.

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