Flexible Shafts with Casing, Panel Mounted

Flexible Shafts With Casing, Panel MountedFlexible Shafts With Casing, Panel Mounted


Flexible Cable: Steel
Flexible Casing: Vinyl Covered Steel
End Fittings: Plated Steel

SPECIAL ORDERS for Many Combinations of Fittings and Lengths Accepted.

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Product NameCatalog PDFBore / Shaft Dia.End With Bore (O.D.)Flexible Cable Dia.LengthMaterial (Cable / Ends)Radius Of CurvatureTorque (Manual) (lb.in.)StockPriceQtyAdd to Cart
A 7C14-20633 81006086.pdf0.252 / 0.25 inch0.5 Inch0.187 Inch20 InchSteel / Plated Steel20 Inch33.4 in-lb 3
A 7C14-24433 81006086.pdf0.252 / 0.25 inch0.5 Inch0.13 Inch24 InchSteel / Plated Steel6 Inch5.6 in-lb Call Us
A 7C14-30533 81006086.pdf0.252 / 0.25 inch0.5 Inch0.15 Inch30 InchSteel / Plated Steel15 Inch19.5 in-lb Call Us
A 7C14-32633 81006086.pdf0.252 / 0.25 inch0.5 Inch0.187 Inch32 InchSteel / Plated Steel4 Inch10 in-lb Call Us
A 7C14-36533 81006086.pdf0.252 / 0.25 inch0.5 Inch0.15 Inch36 InchSteel / Plated Steel8 Inch15.3 in-lb 6

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