Flexible Couplings, Zero Backlash Couplings

An application’s performance can be restricted by shaft misalignment, which can also increase vibration, generate a heavy reactive load, and cause equipment to fail prematurely. Zero-backlash couplings can decrease noise, lessen vibration, and safeguard driveshaft components when installed properly.

Our single and double disc-type flexible couplings are comprised of stainless-steel discs and collars with anodized aluminum hubs and spacers. These couplings have high torsional stiffness, high torque, and high response. Disk-type couplings are well suited for applications where precise position accuracy is required. They are ideal for actuators, surface-mount machines, high-precision XY staging tables, and rotary indexing tables. As a high-performance motion control coupling, the S50XHSM and S50XHWM series are perfect for device manufacturers due to their smaller size, reduced weight, and greater torque capacity and power.

Our zero-backlash lattice couplings are a one-piece design comprised of two 6061 aluminum hubs with high-performance polyamide resin discs. The unique lattice structure allows for very large axial, radial, and angular misalignments while transmitting high torque loads with zero backlash. The 35 couplings identified as the S50CLM-... and S50SCLP-... series feature a maximum angular offset of 7°. Their bores range from.125" to 1.250". Their maximum torque ranges from 5 lbf in. to 300 lbf in. Other bores are available on special order.

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