Spline-Type Couplings, Splines Only

Spline-Type Couplings, Splines OnlySpline-Type Couplings, Splines Only

Spline: Polyurethane
Hubs: 16, 20 & 25 Series - Zinc Alloy Die Casting
32 Series - Sintered Metal

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Product NameCatalog PDFCoupling SeriesLength - Coupling Ass´yMax Oper. Temp.Outside DiameterSpider MaterialStockPriceQtyAdd to Cart
A 5R28-16 81006054.pdfA 5Z28-11 Series1.06251400.625Polyurethane Call Us
A 5R28-20 81006054.pdfA 5Z28-18 Series1.343751400.78125Polyurethane Call Us
A 5R28-25 81006054.pdfA 5Z28-25 Series2.251401.609375Polyurethane Call Us
A 5R28-32 81006054.pdfA 5Z28-32 Series2.3751401.890625Polyurethane Call Us
A 5R28M16 80506053.pdfA 5Z28M11 Series27 16Polyurethane 18
A 5R28M20 80506053.pdfA 5Z28M18 Series34 20Polyurethane Call Us
A 5R28M25 80506053.pdfA 5Z28M25 Series41 25Polyurethane Call Us
A 5R28M32 80506053.pdfA 5Z28M32 Series48 32Polyurethane Call Us

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