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Torque Disc: Acetal

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Product NameCatalog PDFCoupling LengthLateral OffsetMatching HubMaterialOutside DiameterSize CodeTemperatureTorque Rating (lbf-in.)StockPriceQtyAdd to Cart
A 5P15-0006 81006068.pdf0.5 Inch0.004 InchAny 0.25" O.D.Acetal0.25 Inch6-40° F to 185° F0.5 lbf.in 63
A 5P15-0009 81006068.pdf0.5 Inch0.004 InchAny 0.37" O.D.Acetal0.37 inch9-40° F to 185° F1.8 lbf.in 2741
A 5P15-0013 81006068.pdf0.63 Inch0.004 InchAny 0.5" O.D.Acetal0.5 Inch13-40° F to 185° F4.4 lbf.in 556
A 5P15-0015 81006068.pdf1.02 Inch0.004 InchAny 0.59" O.D.Acetal0.59 inch15-40° F to 185° F6.6 lbf.in 335
A 5P15-0019 81006068.pdf0.87 Inch0.008 InchAny 0.75" O.D.Acetal0.75 Inch19-40° F to 185° F15 lbf.in 697
A 5P15-0025 81006068.pdf1.12 Inch0.008 InchAny 1" O.D.Acetal1 Inch25-40° F to 185° F35 lbf.in 1595
A 5P15-0033 81006068.pdf1.89 Inch0.008 InchAny 1.31" O.D.Acetal1.31 Inch33-40° F to 185° F80 lbf.in 1427
A 5P15-0041 81006068.pdf2 Inch0.01 InchAny 1.62" O.D.Acetal1.62 inch41-40° F to 185° F150 lbf.in 16
A 5P15M0006 80506065.pdf   Acetal     63
A 5P15M0009 80506065.pdf   Acetal     2741
A 5P15M0013 80506065.pdf   Acetal     556
A 5P15M0015 80506065.pdf   Acetal     336
A 5P15M0019 80506065.pdf   Acetal     808
A 5P15M0025 80506065.pdf   Acetal     1595
A 5P15M0033 80506065.pdf   Acetal     1427
A 5P15M0041 80506065.pdf   Acetal     16
A 5P15M3315 80506064.pdf   Acetal     336
A 5P15M3319 80506064.pdf   Acetal     808
A 5P15M3325 80506064.pdf   Acetal     1595
A 5P15M3333 80506064.pdf   Acetal     1427

20 Items

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