Oldham Couplings

Oldham couplings were introduced to join the two parallel shafts on different axes. Oldham couplings are a three-piece design comprised of two (aluminum or brass) hubs with cap screws and an acetal disc that is connected to the hubs by a tongue and groove in the center of the coupling.  One side's tongue and groove are perpendicular to the other's tongue and groove.

Oldham couplings can accommodate lateral shaft misalignments up to 10% of nominal shaft diameters and up to 3° angular misalignments. The aluminum hubs have good corrosion resistance, and the acetal disc provides good torsional rigidity, is electrically isolating, and acts as a fuse that breaks cleanly, to prevent damage to other expensive components in the event of a critical failure. The Oldham coupling possesses a low moment of inertia and is ideal for high-rpm applications. They are utilized in robotics, servomotors, printers, and copy machines.

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