Split-Type Couplings, Rubber Spiders (Inch Only)

Split- (Jaw) Type Couplings, Rubber SpidersSplit- (Jaw) Type Couplings, Rubber Spiders


Hubs: Aluminum
Spider: NBR Rubber: 86, 92 or 98 Durometer

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Product NameCatalog PDFColorDurometerMatching HubMaterialOutside Dia.Parallel OffsetSize CodeTemperatureTorque RatingStockPriceQtyAdd to Cart
A 5R27-2086 81006070.pdfTan86Any 0.781" O.D.NBR Rubber0.7810.00720-58° F to 175° F19 Call Us
A 5R27-2092 81006070.pdfBlack92Any 0.781" O.D.NBR Rubber0.7810.00520-58° F to 175° F26 4
A 5R27-2098 81006070.pdfRust98Any 0.781" O.D.NBR Rubber0.7810.00320-58° F to 175° F44 50
A 5R27-3086 81006070.pdfTan86Any 1.187" O.D.NBR Rubber1.1870.00830-40° F to 194° F48 23
A 5R27-3092 81006070.pdfBlack92Any 1.187" O.D.NBR Rubber1.1870.00630-40° F to 194° F66 16
A 5R27-3098 81006070.pdfRust98Any 1.187" O.D.NBR Rubber1.1870.00430-40° F to 194° F110 11
A 5R27-4086 81006070.pdfTan86Any 1.578" O.D.NBR Rubber1.5780.00640-22° F to 194° F62 7
A 5R27-4092 81006070.pdfBlack92Any 1.578" O.D.NBR Rubber1.5780.00440-22° F to 194° F88 Call Us
A 5R27-4098 81006070.pdfRust98Any 1.578" O.D.NBR Rubber1.5780.00240-22° F to 194° F150 8

9 Items

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