Helical Couplings

Helical couplings are designed to compensate for shaft misalignment while transmitting high torque at a constant velocity and with zero backlash. Helical couplings are ideal for handling parallel, axial (± 0.25” max.), and angular misalignment (5° max.).

They are a single-piece construction with long spiral cuts in the 7075-T6 aluminum body. These couplings have high fatigue resistance, they can adapt to high- and low-speed applications, and they do not require lubrication. They are recommended for use in drive systems and motion control systems connecting servomotors (or conventional motors) to a shaft, ball screw, or lead screw. They can be found in CNC machines, wind turbines, air cooling units, aerospace instrumentation, and pumps. Bore diameter combinations are available on special order.

On the left, a gray square. The left and right sides are split into two boxes, the middle is a series of vertical lines. On the right, a gray circle with a white circle in the center.

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