Modular Bellows Couplings, Clamps Only

Modular Bellows Couplings - Clamps OnlyModular Bellows Couplings - Clamps Only


Bushings: Aluminum
Clamps: Aluminum
Bellows: Stainless Steel


  • Backlash-Free Torque Transmission
  • High Torsional Rigidity
  • High-Speed Torque Transmission
  • Low-Mass Moment of Inertia

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Product NameCatalog PDFClamp I.D.Clamp MaterialClamp O.D.Clamp StyleClamp WidthCoupling Ass,y Width (L)Coupling SizeStockPriceQtyAdd to Cart
S35SFX-00122169 81006013.pdf0.91 InchAluminum1.81 InchSplit Clamp0.59 Inch1.95 Inch0 Inch 9
S35SFXM0023043 80506014.pdf23 mmAluminum Clamp Type 49.3 mm0 9
S35SFXM0131055 80506015.pdf31 mmAluminum Clamp Type 59.3 mm1 4
S35SFXM0243071 80506016.pdf43 mmAluminum Clamp Type 72 mm2 6
S35SFXM0356592 80506017.pdf56.5 mmAluminum Clamp Type 90.3 mm3 Call Us

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