Hi-Flex Bellows Couplings


Bellows: Flexible Electrodeposited Nickel
Hubs: 303 Stainless Steel

d1, d2 Tolerance (H7):
3 mm +0.010/0
4 mm & 6 mm +0.012/0
8 mm +0.015/0

* d1, d2 Tolerance (H8):
2 & 3 mm +0.014/0



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Product NameCatalog PDFAngular Offset (°)Bellow Dia.Bore SizeHub Dia.Hub (Material / Configuration)Lateral OffsetMaterial (bellow)Max Speed (rpm)Max. Torque (oz-in)Overall LengthStockPriceQtyAdd to Cart
S9901Y-G404-47 79006020.pdf31 Degree0.25 Inch0.093 Inch0.245Stainless / Pin Hub0.076 InchNickel2000 rpm2 oz-in1.035 Inch Call Us
S9901Y-G404-48 79006020.pdf15 Degree0.25 Inch0.093 Inch0.245Stainless / Pin Hub0.017 InchNickel2000 rpm5 oz-in0.665 Inch 2
S9901Y-G404-49 79006020.pdf9 Degree0.25 Inch0.12 Inch0.245Stainless / Pin Hub0.007 InchNickel2000 rpm7 oz-in0.54 Inch 3
S9901Y-G404-50 79006020.pdf7 Degree0.25 Inch0.12 Inch0.245Stainless / Pin Hub0.004 InchNickel2000 rpm9 oz-in0.48 Inch Call Us
S9901Y-G404-51 79006020.pdf27 Degree0.375 Inch0.1875 Inch0.365Stainless / Pin Hub0.066 InchNickel2000 rpm7 oz-in1.035 Inch Call Us
S9901Y-G404-52 79006020.pdf20 Degree0.375 Inch0.1875 Inch0.365Stainless / Pin Hub0.036 InchNickel2000 rpm9 oz-in0.845 Inch Call Us
S9901Y-G404-53 79006020.pdf13 Degree0.375 Inch0.1875 Inch0.365Stainless / Pin Hub0.015 InchNickel2000 rpm14 oz-in0.665 Inch 1
S9901Y-G404-54 79006020.pdf10 Degree0.375 Inch0.1875 Inch0.365Stainless / Pin Hub0.01 InchNickel2000 rpm18 oz-in0.6 Inch 4
S9901Y-G404-55 79006020.pdf18 Degree0.5 Inch0.25 Inch0.492Stainless / Pin Hub0.044 InchNickel2000 rpm33 oz-in1.085 Inch Call Us
S9901Y-G404-56 79006020.pdf12 Degree0.5 Inch0.25 Inch0.492Stainless / Pin Hub0.018 InchNickel2000 rpm50 oz-in0.835 Inch Call Us
S9901Y-G404-57 79006020.pdf9 Degree0.5 Inch0.25 Inch0.492Stainless / Pin Hub0.01 InchNickel2000 rpm65 oz-in0.715 Inch 2
S9901Y-G404-58 79006020.pdf14 Degree0.75 Inch0.25 Inch0.5Stainless / Pin Hub0.046 InchNickel2000 rpm105 oz-in1.325 Inch 39
S9901Y-G404-59 79006020.pdf11 Degree0.75 Inch0.25 Inch0.5Stainless / Pin Hub0.026 InchNickel2000 rpm140 oz-in1.075 Inch 1
S9901Y-G404-60 79006020.pdf8 Degree0.75 Inch0.25 Inch0.5Stainless / Pin Hub0.014 InchNickel2000 rpm188 oz-in0.885 Inch 1
S9901Y-G404-61 79006020.pdf17 Degree1 Inch0.3125 Inch0.625Stainless / Pin Hub0.068 InchNickel2000 rpm152 oz-in1.625 Inch Call Us
S9901Y-G404-62 79006020.pdf9 Degree1 Inch0.3125 Inch0.625Stainless / Pin Hub0.02 InchNickel2000 rpm280 oz-in1.125 Inch 2
S9901Y-G405-45 79006020.pdf9 Degree0.25 Inch0.12 Inch0.187Stainless / Split Hub0.007 InchNickel2000 rpm7 oz-in0.745 Inch Call Us
S9901Y-G405-46 79006020.pdf9 Degree0.25 Inch0.12 Inch0.187Stainless / Split Hub0.007 InchNickel2000 rpm7 oz-in0.685 Inch Call Us
S9901Y-G405-47 79006020.pdf27 Degree0.375 Inch0.1875 Inch0.25Stainless / Split Hub0.066 InchNickel2000 rpm7 oz-in1.366 Inch Call Us
S9901Y-G405-48 79006020.pdf20 Degree0.375 Inch0.1875 Inch0.25Stainless / Split Hub0.036 InchNickel2000 rpm9 oz-in1.176 Inch Call Us
S9901Y-G405-49 79006020.pdf13 Degree0.375 Inch0.1875 Inch0.25Stainless / Split Hub0.015 InchNickel2000 rpm14 oz-in0.996 Inch 2
S9901Y-G405-50 79006020.pdf10 Degree0.375 Inch0.1875 Inch0.25Stainless / Split Hub0.01 InchNickel2000 rpm18 oz-in0.931 Inch Call Us
S9901Y-G405-51 79006020.pdf18 Degree0.5 Inch0.25 Inch0.312Stainless / Split Hub0.044 InchNickel2000 rpm33 oz-in1.366 Inch Call Us
S9901Y-G405-52 79006020.pdf12 Degree0.5 Inch0.25 Inch0.312Stainless / Split Hub0.018 InchNickel2000 rpm50 oz-in1.116 Inch Call Us
S9901Y-G405-53 79006020.pdf9 Degree0.5 Inch0.25 Inch0.312Stainless / Split Hub0.01 InchNickel2000 rpm65 oz-in0.996 Inch Call Us

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