Bellows Couplings

SDP/SI Bellows Couplings are flexible couplings that can accommodate a wide range of load conditions due to their specially engineered flexible corrugated ridges (or bellows), allowing them to compensate for axial, lateral, and radial misalignment and remain torsionally rigid. They are used in applications like instrumentation and motion control, where zero-backlash is a requirement. Bellows couplings have a low moment of inertia and are well suited for high-powered applications.

Configurable SDP/SI modular bellows couplings offer exceptional torsional rigidity for high-speed torque transmission. To meet individual requirements, a wide range of bore diameters and combinations are available. Our Hi-Flex bellows couplings are utilized in applications that have a higher degree of shaft misalignment and low radial loads on the bearings.

We offer a wide variety of bore sizes and combinations to accommodate your specific application.

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