Couplings, Universal Joints, & Flexible Shafts

Couplings Types

Couplings can be divided into two categories: flexible and rigid. Both types are used to connect two rotating shafts driven by a motor and transmit torque and angular velocity; however, flexible couplings and shafts are designed to accommodate angular misalignment, angular offset, axial movement, and a variety of load conditions. A flexible coupling is pliable due to the twisting and compression of a durable, adaptable material, like neoprene, rubber, or silicone.

Flexibility can also be achieved with thin metal disks, corrugated aluminum bellows (bellows couplings), or even a stainless-steel ball (miniature ball couplings). Some materials can provide vibration reduction, as in our precision flexible antivibration couplings.

Rigid couplings are limited by comparison; rigid couplings are used when shafts are already positioned in precise lateral and angular alignment. Their rigid design inhibits shaft misalignment. They can generally transmit more power than flexible couplings due to their rigidity.

Even the most complicated application challenges can be solved by our skilled engineers, they will identify the best coupling solution for your application. SDP/SI provides a comprehensive range of rigid and flexible couplings. Many of our precision couplings, including the Miniature Bellows Coupling and the Neo-Flex Coupling, have our patented Fairloc® Hub design, which solves phasing, timing, positioning, and frequent removal problems. For more about the easily adjustable Fairloc® hub design click here.

A grouping of 3 silver cylindrical couplings, each with a small hole through the center..

Precision Magnetic Disk Couplings

Precision Flexible Bellows Couplings

Precision Miniature Ball Couplings

Precision Flexible Antivibration Couplings

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