Roller Clutches

Roller clutches transmit torque and load in one direction while freely rolling in the opposite direction. Roller’s wedge between the shaft and outer race positive wedging forces prevent slipping as the springs position rollers for instantaneous lockup. They are lightweight with a low profile and minimal backlash. Our roller clutches are used with 1/8” to 3/4” hardened shafts (Rc 58 min. required).

They are ideal for applications involving:

  • Indexing: In applications involving indexing, reciprocal motion is converted to single-direction motion; the clutch spins freely (or overruns) on the backstroke and moves in the forwardstroke.
  • Backstopping: In backstop applications, the clutch enables the driving shaft to freely spin in one direction. The clutch automatically engages with a fixed frame to stop movement in the opposite direction as soon as the torque is reversed.
  • Overrunning: The clutch will often spin freely in overrunning applications and intermittently engage and drive the load.

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