Precision Brakes & Clutches

Clutches and brakes are essential for the efficient control and transfer of drive torque, speed, and power in many rotational drive systems. Precision brakes and clutches can be used to cease or regulate movement.

A brake is utilized to decrease or halt a load (braking) in a motor (either forward or reverse). The function of a clutch is to disengage a drive shaft, pausing the rotation and transferring torque to an output shaft.

A clutch-brake is a single unit with the two combined functions of clutching and braking.

Brakes and clutches are classified by the method used to disengage or stop rotary motion (i.e., friction, mechanical, or electromagnetic), as well as the operative mechanism used to employ the chosen element (i.e., electrical, mechanical, pneumatic, or hydraulic).

We offer several types of brakes, including permanent magnetic brakes, power-off, power-on, and magnetic particle brakes. We also offer several clutch styles, including roller clutches, slip clutches, and electromagnetic clutch couplings.

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