Metal & Plastic, Ladder and Roller Chains

chain types: roller and ladder

Roller chains have a very long service life if operated within the recommended temperature range.

Subminiature Roller Chain

Molded acetal resin single-strand subminiature roller chain (0.1227 pitch) is designed for requirements found among mechanical drives in the field of instrumentation. The chain and sprockets have been stress-relieved and have operating capabilities over the range of -40°F to +250°F (-40°C to +121°C). Self-lubricating and surface penetration with oil have been provided and are sufficient for average service. Unit-link design eliminates the need for connecting links and makes length adjustable by snap-together assembly. Either side of the chain will run on our miniature sprockets.

Miniature Roller Chain

A miniature roller chain (0.1475 pitch) made of stainless steel with a clear passivated finish can handle heavier loads than a plastic miniature roller chain. Applications include instrumentation devices, electronics, and small equipment. Designed to run with our miniature sprockets. A connecting link is supplied to join the ends of a chain length.
The lightweight miniature plastic roller chain is nonconductive, nonmagnetic, and self-lubricating. Made of Nylatron® GS, it is used with our miniature plastic sprockets in compact machinery, electronic devices, printers, and instrumentation.

Roller Chain for Standard and Heavy-Duty Applications

Single-strand stainless steel roller chains and hardened steel roller chains are used for standard and heavy-duty applications. #25, 1/4-pitch roller chain will run with our sprockets. Connecting links are used to join the ends of a chain, while roller connecting links add links to the chain. The spring-clip connecting link features an easy-to-remove side panel for attaching a chain.

Corrosion-resistant plastic roller chains, 1/4, 3/8, and 1/2 pitch, made of Nylatron® GS, Acetal, Polypropylene, and Polyvinylidene, are appropriate for use in temperatures ranging from -50°F to +250°F. The plastic roller chain works with our sprockets.

Ladder Chain

Ladder chain is manufactured from a wide range of wire materials, such as galvanized steel, high-tensile stainless steel, brass, and stainless steel. Offered in standard sizes, including sizes 21, 19, 18, 17, and 14, the number indicates the wire gauge size the ladder chain is made from. Corresponding metal sprockets and plastic sprockets are available.

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