Chain & Sprocket Drives

Chain and sprocket drives are often used where positive synchronization between shafts and transmission of substantial torque are required. They are one of the more frequently used methods of power transmission, providing greater power than belts. Highly efficient, a single chain can drive several shafts and is used for both long and short distances. Adverse conditions, such as temperature and environment, do not affect their running. Other advantages include compact size and low maintenance costs. Chain drives are found in a wide range of power transmission applications, including bicycles, agricultural machinery, machine tools, conveyors, business machines, electronic or electro-mechanical devices, etc.

Chain & Sprocket Applications

Roller chains used for fractional H.P. applications are almost always the 1/4" pitch ANSI Standard #25 single strand type. Though small in size, it provides excellent performance, stability, and strength. For smooth performance and long service life, sprockets with 17 or more teeth but less than 67 should be used. On slow-speed and special-purpose installations or where space limitations are a factor, sprockets with less than 17 teeth can be used. The use of sprockets with more than 67 teeth tends to reduce the normal service life of the chain.

Chain life will vary appreciably depending on the way the drive is lubricated. A properly lubricated chain can last more than 100 times as long as the same chain with poor lubrication.

Miniature roller chains are designed especially for use where space is limited or where light weight is an important factor. The high strength-to-weight ratio, durability, and extreme dimensional accuracy make this chain ideal for positive power transmission or shaft synchronization, where precision and compactness are important. Applications include instrument drives.

Ladder chain links are fabricated from wire that has been formed so that each link interlocks with its adjacent links to form a continuous chain whose drive members appear as rungs on a ladder. Hence the name, Ladder Chain. The ladder chain is inexpensive and easy to install. It finds wide use in household appliances, vending machines, and various timing and electrical devices.

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