Thrust Bearings & Washers

Thrust bearings are mainly used to support axial load (thrust) on a shaft, which is either horizontal or vertical. Their function is to prevent axial shaft drift and transfer thrust loads delivered to the shaft.

We offer three varieties of thrust bearings.

  1. Thrust ball bearings are comprised of ball bearings (as their rolling element), which are retained in a ring and stabilized between two thrust washers. These bearings are suitable for low-thrust applications but deliver high performance.
  2. Thrust needle roller bearings utilize small cylindrical rollers or needles (as their rolling element), which are retained in a cage and stabilized between two thrust washers. The compact design has a high load-carrying capacity and high limiting speeds.
  3. Banded thrust ball bearings consist of steel balls positioned between two races. A steel band keeps the entire unit together. The band serves as a barrier to keep impurities out and retain lubrication.

In addition to thrust bearings, we offer thrust washers in CR1075 steel, hardened to HRC 59...61, oil-impregnated bronze, or zinc-plated steel.

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